Audit Contractors

A list of all eSMD Audit Contractors (MAC, RAC, ZPIC, UPIC, Etc.) already come pre-installed and are automatically updated as Medicare adds new contractors. Easily manage or add additional contractors (Private, Compliant, 15 Dat, etc.) as needed in the audit contractors menu.


Get a complete overview of each calendar month and know when your audits, appeals, and tasks are due. This allows for proper planning of audit management and submissions.


At a glance view what needs your immediate attention. Our dashboard displays your most crucial audits, appeals, hearings, tasks, documents submission and more. Nothing gets past the dashboard.

ERA PRocessing

Upload all 835-ERA's files from your PMS. In our ERA review processor immediately see what was billed, allowed, and paid on audits already entered into the system. Also, handles and appeals partial payments. With just a click finalize or move audits to the next appeal level.

Tasks Manager

Create a task to gather any missing components needed for proper submission of audit/appeal. Tasks can be assigned to yourself or another user to complete. Track each audit progress with notes, due dates, and status.

Appeal/Denial Management

Never give up on collecting your claim reimbursement. RxCloud9 manages and handles audits through every appeal level, increasing the chances of recovering on full or partial reimbursement.

ESMD Submissions

We use the fastest medical document submission process available. eSMD submits your time-sensitive audits electronically in seconds with just a click of a button. No longer necessary to use a fax machine and wait for submission confirmation

Employee Management

Designed with owners and managers in mind, keep an eye on your business and employees at all times. Delegate work, overlook departments from a remote location or without leaving your desk.

Take control of your audits and manage your audit workflow under one easy to use web-based platform. Access tools, tasks, and reports from anywhere, anytime.

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