Track your stats and instantly identify trends. View or export real-time reports on contractor error rates, products, audit types, and more.


Manage all your audits from one central location. Our platform provides a natural workflow for quick and effective productivity.


There is a flow to how our platform handles organization from audit information down to the documents filed under each audit. This flow prevents errors and misplacement of documentation.

How It Works

Entering DME HME Audit

Knowing what information Medicare, Medicaid, or any private insurance is asking for is the beginning of proper audit management and submission. Having a pre-programmed system that properly manages each audit stage is what make the process easy.

Entering DME HME Audit

Enter Audit
Demand Letter

Add an audit by entering the audit contractor and patient information from the audit demand letter.

Handles every stage level of claim letters from:

  • All Medicare and Medicaid Contractors
  • Any Private Insurance Company
Entering DME HME Audit

Add Requested

Upload/attach the documents requested on the audit demand letter

  • Audit Demand Letter
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Refill Request
  • Detailed Written Order
  • Manufacturer Info & Invoices
  • Packaging List
  • Customer Agreement Form
  • and many more
Entering DME HME Audit

Create a

Create a task to assign to yourself or any user(s) to gather missing components needed for a successful audit submission. Task Manager allows providers to define the next steps to getting an audit or appeal from pending to complete.

Entering DME HME Audit


An audit is ready to be submitted when all documentation requested is shown as uploaded in the audit manager. All submission are sent electronically in seconds. No need to touch paper or use a fax machine.

Submissions via

  • eSMD
  • eFax (Electronic Fax)
  • Mail

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